Environmental Due Diligence

We’ve worked on hundreds of Environmental Due Diligence projects throughout the southeast, from single-sites to portfolio projects to risk assessment for new developments. Whether you’re a company, a utility, a law firm, an investor or a developer, we’ve got the experience you need to feel confident about your due diligence efforts.

Our Environmental Due Diligence services include, but are not limited to, the services listed below. Contact us anytime to talk about your specific needs.

Environmental Site Assessments
(Phase I / II)

Looking to get to know more about a property? Let Shield Engineering be your one-stop shop for Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs). We can assist your company with every step of the process, from simple public record searches to extensive site investigations. We offer regulatory negotiation assistance as well as litigation support and corrective action should you face any hurdles along the way. Shield will help you get your job off the ground, starting with the ESA.


If you need help determining whether or not your project faces the risk of asbestos, call us today. Shield works with teams around the Southeast to efficiently evaluate any job site, from whole apartment complexes to single-business facilities. Our accredited asbestos inspectors work quickly to provide you with a comprehensive report with minimal invasiveness and we’ll work with you on budgeting, timing, and locating an abatement contractor if your property is found to contain asbestos.

Lead Paint

Knowing whether or not your site contains contaminants like lead prior to demolition can save you time, money, and alleviate your liability exposure and will help you make informed choices on construction materials. If your structure was painted prior to 1978, you have cause for concern; call Shield Engineering’s Environmental Due Diligence Team today to lessen your risk.

Mold and Moisture

Persistent moisture is a critical factor in indoor mold growth. Shield’s mold experts have years of experience identifying potential risks, containing the source of the problem, and eliminating mold at its source in both commercial and residential properties. The longer mold is allowed to grow the more property damage and potential health effects you’re likely to face, so call now to get started with a moisture intrusion evaluation.

Vapor Intrusion

Vapor Intrusion is a relatively new field and its implications can be quite complex. Buildings that are situated on contaminated land are at risk of harmful vapors from sources like soil and groundwater. Even if your environmental incident was “closed” under a Brownfield agreement, you may still be at risk from a financial and a liability standpoint concerning tenants and residents. Shield has extensive experience and industry-leading expertise in evaluating, correcting, and mitigating real and perceived risks from Vapor Intrusion.


…and many more!

Shield Engineering provides a wide range of Environmental Due Diligence services not highlighted above, from Real Estate Transaction Support to Expert Witness Litigation Assistance. If you’ve got questions about your project’s needs or if you’re not sure where to start, give our team of experienced environmental services professionals a call today.