Spill Response Management Services

Comprehensive Spill Response Management by Shield’s Action Environmental Group

Managing an environmental cleanup can be a daunting task and proper containment must begin quickly. Shield’s Action Environmental Group (Action) offers Incident Management service for spills of any size or severity. Our experienced emergency response managers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will provide senior-level project management assistance and/or mobilize to the site when necessary.


Call Action for 24/7 Emergency Response


Emergency Response:

In the event of an emergency, Shield’s experienced response managers will provide immediate consultation during which you’ll work together to select an appropriate response company, contact and dispatch a cleanup crew, conduct release reporting and maintain communication with all parties throughout the process. Factors such as third party involvement and prior contamination are always a concern and Shield brings years of objective experience through the Action Environmental Group.

Shield’s Action Environmental Group provides the following emergency response services:

Immediate Contact and Mobilization of a cleanup contractor to your site. Action maintains an extensive database of over 1,700 national contractors. Action can contact a contractor near you in the event of a spill. While minor spills can be handled without Action’s mobilization to the site, we’ll help determine the severity of the situation and Action is prepared to mobilize to the site if necessary.

Action will notify appropriate State and Federal authorities. When approved by the client, prompt notification to the appropriate regulatory authorities by an experienced Action response manager shows the regulatory agencies that there is control over site activities this also provides control over the associated costs.

Peace of Mind. Emergency response means rearranging schedules, meetings, family functions, and day-to-day activities to handle response coordination. Action alleviates the client’s chaos by coordinating clean-up activities for your team, and managing the process, leaving you to focus on your main responsibilities. Action reports to you, the client. Action and Shield always endeavor to obtain a “No Further Action” determination from the regulatory agencies.

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Invoice Review and Verification:

Shield’s Action Environmental Group has documented hundreds of thousands of dollars of cost savings for our clients. Contractors expect that Action won’t just oversee technical aspects of the project, but will also review each invoice for "reasonable and customary" charges in accordance with industry norms and agreed-upon fees.

Accidental spills present unique cost challenges to clients, contractors, and the typical environmental consultant. By relying on Action’s streamlined process, you can avoid excessive sub-contractor markups, inappropriate spill control/cleanup costs, and miscommunication with property owners, regulatory personnel, and the public.


Contact Action to Begin Cleanup Immediately

The first 24-hours of an environmental emergency are the most critical. Our highly-experienced managers will guide your team during the initial decision making process as well as evaluate the activity and direction of the on site clean-up contractor. Action’s professionals will ensure appropriate emergency response actions, the right equipment, the right personnel, the correct release reporting, good coordination with all parties, significant cost savings and in most cases a “No Further Action” determination from the regulatory agencies.

Our experience indicates that proactive management of environmental cleanups saves real money, both immediately and in the long term. Shield and the Action Environmental Group suggest you bring in the most experienced managers after a spill to ensure the incident is handled efficiently and cost effectively.